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Additional Teaching Materials

... or, what students often see in class

"What do students see in my class?" A Few Examples.

During my graduate program at North Carolina State University, a teaching assistantship provided many opportunities to refine presentational skills and develop my own teaching material based on the pedagogical research I was studying. A large percentage of my work included making the lesson visuals and preparing activities that would empower students to engage with the material and make their success their own. A few of these presentations and resources are found here. Each presentation includes animations that make the lesson movement more engaging and dynamic, so feel free to view as presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint for the full presentation experience by clicking on the top right-hand corner button of each visual aid. 

Teaching Listening Comprehension with Albin de la Simon's, 
Le grand amour

Research states that to effectively acquire a language, it is necessary to learn from authentic and engaging input, as well as notice your language gaps and intenitally fill them with language use that you can understand and cognitively take ownership of. Listening to music is a perfect way to make sure you're getting both of these crucial component involved in your language learner.

In this activity, you do just that: listen to Albin de la Simon's song, Le grand amour, and notice your use of the imparfait verb tense which bridges the poetic visuals of the video with the descriptive meaning behind the lyrics.

Teaching Direct Object Pronouns with French Roast

Just as authentic verbal or written input is necessary for natural language acquisition, using francophone media to teach grammatical concepts serves to expose students to culturally-immersive usage even from their desk. 

Marvel at the wild reception of this short, and use it to practice using your direct object pronouns detailed above. Students can use the activity sheet below to use their French skills to describe the events of the story, using the visuals and images to guide their responses.

The film, French Roast, is an award-nominated and award winning short film by French creative, Fabrice Joubert.

  • PRÉMIOS 2008/2009 Audience Award - 3rd Voix d'Etoiles, 2008 Best Animation - 21st Foyle Film Festival, 2008

  • Animated Short Film - 33rd Atlanta Film Festival, 2009

  • Best Art Direction - Jury Award 17th Anima Mundi, 2009

  • Honorable Mention - 7th Puerto Rico International Short Film Festival, 2009

  • Best in Show - 36th SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival, 2009 Best Animated Film - 2nd Ballston Spa Film Festival, 2009

  • Honorary Mention - Prix Ars Electronica: International Competition for CyberArts, 2009

  • Best Animation - Special Distinction of the Jury - 3rd ANIMANIMA: International Animation Festival, 2009

  • Best Animation - 5th Anima: Cordoba International Animation Festival, 2009

  • 2nd Prize - 3D Futura Show - 20th ArtFutura Show, 2009

  • Best Professional Film - 16th Bradford Animation Festival, 2009

  • Jose Abel Prize - 33rd Cinanima: International Animated Film Festival, 2009

  • Audience Award - 23rd Leeds International Film Festival, 2009 NOMINATION - Best Animated Short Film - 82nd Academy Awards, 2010

Teaching Pronouns: Direct, Indirect, Y, En

Teaching Comparisons and Superlatives

Teaching Questions with Inversion

Teaching Adverbs

Teaching Family Origin & Relations

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