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Here are various resources collected from different courses and classes I've taught. Scroll through the previews and click the link below for the full file access.

Asking Questions

How to ask questions with simple word order, inversion, and interrogative pronouns. Pronunciation with asking questions, and overall review graphics.

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Past Tense: Le Passé Composé

Passé composé with étre, avoir, and when to know which one to use, and agreement rules.

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Direct, indirect, y, and en. How and when to use them. Where to put them in complex sentences. "French Toast" short film activity.

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Comparatives and Superlatives

Comparatives and superlatives are two of the last things young children acquire when learning a language! If you find them difficult, check out these resources.

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Phonetics: è

The è sound can be difficult to acquire because it is similar enough to the English sound we make in the word "air," but it's just different enough to necessitate some "muscle memory work." 

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at

Past Tense: L'imparfait

Imparfait formation, use, and a song activity to test your listening comprehension. 

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Did you know that French has its own -ly rule? Yes, it does! Adverbs to describe activities, blended with lessons on telling time, and RE verbs.

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Colors and Physical Traits

Do you feel like your speaking feels black and white? After this lesson, you'll feel like you can finally think and speak in color! You'll learn colors and the most common physical trait words below.

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