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Undergraduate Work

Transcription and Translation for Ethnohistorigraphical Application 

From 2018-2020, I transcribed and translated oral interviews collected over the past 20 years by Dr. Seth Murray and his team of expert researchers of French history, ecology, social economies, document preservation, and GIS programming. As a student research assistant, I was able to learn from experts and develop my own skills and competencies in oral transcription and translation, ultimately cultivating an appreciation for the technological applications of knowing a second language.

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Fall 2019
Translating a TEDtalk: Le féminisme ou l’illusion de l’émancipation ? | Nejwa Kettab | TEDxNouakchott

Have you ever found yourself questioning the reliability of auto-translated subtitles on YouTube or another media site? In 2019, I completed my first translation project as part of a translation course at my university, taught by Dr. Valerie Wust. Dr. Wust's instruction and expertise helped me develop an appreciation for the complexities of translation and a love for the procedural art of streamlining communication to the most authentic degree, no matter the medium.

TEDxNouakchott's event in December of 2015 featured Nejwa Kettab, a sociologist who spoke on the place of women according to her expertise and observation as a scholar in Mauritania. My project was designed to show the auto-generated Youtube subtitles, focus in on the need for a human translator, offer a grammatically correct re-script of the French subtitles, and then provide an authentically translated, English script.

The final product:

translating a tedtalk
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