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L'enseignement (nom, masculin) : education, teaching, training

The ABC's of FLE (foreign language education)

When I began my own journey in higher education at North Carolina State University, I had many goals in mind: sharpen communication skills; foster community relationships that push myself and those around me to grow both intellectually and personally; and more deeply root my own identity as a life-long learner who thrives in circumstances that demand adaptability and enthusiasm. However, a goal that was not on my pre-designed list was teaching. Throughout my own studies at a diverse R1university, many gifted individuals and talented professors nurtured my natural interests in literature, history, political science, the French language, and francophone cultures. These mentors and instructors planted in me the desire to serve other students and communities in the same ways, providing meaningful opportunities to achieve my own education goals. 

The first semester of my graduate studies included a teaching methods course based on the ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages - the ABC's of foreign language instruction. In this course, the pointed emphasis on intentional instruction, attainable goal-setting and encouraging evaluation methods that empower students and teachers alike further nurtured my practical interest in teaching. The students themselves also confirmed their efficacy. As a teaching assistant in the elementary French courses at the University, I found that applying the theory and skills from this course revealed that ACTFUL-based teaching places the highest demands on both instructors and students alike, but also provides the most fertile soil for inquisitive minds deeply rooted in the desire to learn in and outside of the classroom. The ACTFL principles vouch for themselves and their ability to fit the needs of the students and the flows of the instructor, while consistently yielding the same positive feedback of success and confidence from the students themselves. 

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