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Little Update

It has been a while, a graduation, a move, a wedding, a second move, a third upcoming move to France for 7 months at the end of September, and a presentation at the TESOL France 41st Annual Colloquium in Paris in November. I've been told that the three most stressful periods in life are when you lose a loved one, when you get married, and when you move. A 66.6% score is not typically considered a particularly striking accomplishment (barring the overcoming of significant struggles) and if you had told me 18 months ago that I would be writing this from Kingsville, Texas, a week after my wedding, with not even enough time to legally change my name so that my passport shows my married name before I get on a plane to "follow my dreams," I would not have believed you. I snapped the picture below one the way home from visiting my now-husband and looking back on that time, it feels like a very calm, no "crazy busy change" time. It's a plane. It's blurry. I know none of the people, yet we shared a space for a few hours somewhere between North Carolina and Florida. I have a feeling that this picture is also going to share a lot of similarities with the next 8-12 months of my life. In all the change, the blurry, and the unknown, there is the sweetness of figuring it out with my best friend (who I get to be married to!), finding out how to make two very different, geographically demanding dreams and professions fit into the same home, and being brave enough to take all the change as it comes.

Things never slow down, but I know it's going to be an adventure.


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