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Keep on scrolling for a little bit about me and my professional work. Head on over to the blog to see what I've been up to most recently and how I blend ESL with international living, multi-level teaching, and travel.

Salut à tout.e.s !

Je suis une diplômée récente de maîtrise en français et TESOL à l'Université de l'État de Caroline du Nord à Raleigh, la ville capitale de mon état d'origine. Je me spécialise en français comme langue et moyen de m'exprimer à travers la littérature, la traduction et l'enseignement des langues (le français et ALS). 

Ces éléments et applications de la langue française me font grand plaisir. Je poursuis toujours l'enrichissement de partager les bénéfices d'être polyglotte.s et multiculturel.le.s. dans le monde globalisé. Le partage de ces bénéfices s'appuie sur la brise des barrières de langue pour ceux et celles qui veulent lire et parler le français et vivre une vie plus florissante.

Hello, everyone!

I am a recent graduate of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. My focus falls on French language, francophone literatures with special interests in the cultural applications of translation and Teaching English as a Second Language.


I enjoy the free-form and technical layers of these expressions of the French and English languages, and find a deep reward in using my skills to dissolve communication barriers between readers and speakers alike. I hope that you will find the teaching materials, tips, and packages available here as a source of  motivation to cultivate your language skills and cultural reservoirs.

Check out more on the blog to learn more about me, what I'm doing, and how to best use the resources here to build your own linguistic and cultural reservoir.

Education, Work, and Presentations

2022 - 2023

Programme des Assistants de langue en France, France  Éducation international
Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF) - Normandy

IATEFL 56th International Conference and Exhibition, presenter. "Meaning First, Then Sound: Optimising Spelling Instruction." Harrogate Convention Center, Harrogate, England. April 2023.

TESOL France 41st Annual Colloquium, presenter. "Meaning First, Then Sound: Optimising Spelling Instruction." Lycée international St. Honoré-de-Balzac, Paris France. November 2022.


Master of Arts, Foreign Language and Literatures, French & TESOL 
North Carolina State University                     

Accelerated MA/BA degree program

Culminating MA research project:

Corresponding with Calvin: The Role of Letter Writing Between Jean Calvin and Three Royal Femmes de lettres during the Reformation Period [completed May '21].

Summer 2020

Middlebury College, Summer Language School 
Program Certificate Level 4: Advanced Low-Advanced High/C1


Bachelor of Arts, French Language and Literature, Summa Cum Laude

North Carolina State University 

Bachelor of Arts, International Studies, Summa Cum Laude

North Carolina State University 

 You should also know... 


While I love French culture from the non-native perspective, striving to acquire and understand the language has taught many lessons and sharpened many skills everyone should have in their own tool box for life.

These skills are summed up in the French idea of the "système-D." The 
D stands for débrouille, which signifies resourcefulness, intelligence, and ingenuity. I believe that pursuing and helping others learn French creates a profound nurturing of the "système-D" qualities in individuals that while are attained by few, can be attained by all.

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Interested in developing your own système-D qualities? Curious about what you can do with knowledge of a foreign language? Have a cool story to share? I'd love to hear about it.  /  Tel. +33 06 51 08 02 49

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